Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Homecoming Week Band Schedule!

Schedule for Wednesday, Sept. 20:
Band Night - report time is 6:15 pm (full band uniform)

Schedule for Friday, Sept. 22:
Homecoming Parade -  report time is 3:45 pm (wear band t-shirt)
Homecoming Game - report time is 6:00 pm (full band uniform)

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Sept 8th Game Schedule / Info

This Friday, Sept. 8 is our second game! 

EVERYONE Report time: 5:45 pm
  • Immediately start changing into band uniforms, then report to sectional warmups outside the band room
  • Students should wear TALL black socks, black Drillmaster shoes, and light thin clothing under the band uniform (orange band t-shirt is recommended). 
General Football Game Procedures:
  • The band performs for pre-game and halftime.
  • During the game, the band sits together in our own stands behind the north end zone.
  • Band students stay together at all times until after varsity game is completed.
  • Only water is allowed while in uniform (no food or other drinks). Water will be provided after our pre-game and halftime performances by Band Booster parents.
  • After the game is completed, the band moves together back to the band room to change out of uniform. Uniforms should be hung up PROPERLY in uniform bags - this must be checked by a uniform mom before the student leaves.
  • Release time after games varies, however 10:00-10:15 pm is the norm. Students should exit/be picked up promptly following the game - no loitering around the band area/high school. 

Sept 16th - Wheaton North HS Field Competition Day!

Performance site: 
Wheaton North High School
701 West Thomas Road, Wheaton, IL
September 16th - Saturday

Students are required to wear their orange band t-shirts for the day.

Parent Release Permission Form to take your son/daughter home after performance is completeThis must be completed before the date of the contest!!!


11:00 am – Rehearsal
  1:00 pm – Lunch Break

 2:00 pm - Report time - Load trailer/Load busses/Attendance
 2:30 pm – Leave MCHS
 3:30 pm - Arrive at performance site / restroom opportunity
 4:00 pm - Begin changing into uniform/get instrument ready (do not play)
 4:45 pm – Leave for warm-up area 
 5:00 pm - Physical/music warm-up
 6:00 pm - Leave warm up area
 6:15 pm - Marching Indians Field Show Performance!
 6:30 pm – Return to bus/trailer – change and load trailer
 7:00 pm - Concession stand available
 7:40 pm – Awards Ceremony in stadium
 8:00 pm - Return to Busses / Attendance
 8:15 pm - Leave for MCHS
 9:15 pm – Arrive at MCHS (time approximate)

Competition starts at 4:15 pm.  There are 9 competing bands in 3 classes. There are 4 bands in Class 3A. (including MCHS)

Tickets - Adults $10.00,  Students $5.00
Parking is difficult at this competition- be sure to arrive early
More information available!