Monday, October 24, 2016

Halloween Parade Info! -> Oct. 29th (Sat)

Saturday, October 29th!
Report time: 1:00 pm
Busses will leave: 1:20 pm
Parade starts: 2:00 pm

Busses will transport us to the Minooka Elementary School for the start of the parade.  The parade will end at MCHS Central Campus parking lot.  We should be done by 2:40 pm (approx)

Atttire: Black drillmaster shoes, socks, and pants (same as summer outfit) HOWEVER you may wear costumes from the waist up.  Try to wear as much orange/black as possible!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

ILMEA news!

Congratulations to the following band students who have been selected to ILMEA District I Band and Orchestra!

Jenna Morgan - Band
Carmella Russell - Band
Gina Russell - Band
Emily Worden - Orchestra

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Marching Indians conclude season on a high note!

Congratulations to everyone for the outstanding 3rd place finish at the University of Illinois Marching Band Championships!

This marks the 3rd time in the last 4 years our Marching Indians have brought home a placement trophy at this state level competition.

Congrats to our Seniors for 4 great years of marching band performances!

Monday, October 10, 2016

U of I Info for Saturday, Oct 15th!

Performance site: Memorial Stadium
University of Illinois, Champaign, IL
October 15th, 2016 - Saturday 

Parent Release Link 
U of I - Spectator Information Link!
Live Streaming available here

Students should wear orange band t-shirt all day and bring money for lunch in Rantoul as well as later for concessions at Memorial Stadium.

Schedule for the day!

  9:30 am  - REQUIRED Rehearsal at MCHS 
11:15 am - Load busses/ attendance
11:45 am - Leave MCHS
 1:45 pm – Arrive Rantoul (lunch- bring money)
 3:00pm – Leave Rantoul
 3:30 pm - Arrive / Change into Uniforms / Unload Trailer
 4:30 pm - Check-in to Warm-Up table
 4:45 pm - Warm-up (Lot C)
 5:30 pm - Leave Warm-up area
 5:40 pm - Arrive at South Tunnel of Stadium
 5:45 pm - Marching Indians Performance!
 6:05 pm - Band picture outside stadium
 6:20 pm - Return to buses / change / load trailer / return to stadium
 7:00 pm - Watch bands / concessions / visit vendors under stadium
 9:00 pm  - Marching Illini Perform
 9:15 pm - Awards ceremony in stadium
10:00 pm - Load busses/attendance
10:30 pm - Leave U of I
12:45 am - Arrive at MCHS (time approx)

Monday, October 3, 2016

Downer Grove South Competition - Oct 8th

Performance site: 
Downers Grove South High School
436 Norfolk Street  , Downers Grove, IL
October 8th - Saturday

Students are required to wear their orange band t-shirts for the day.

Parent Release Permission Form to take your son/daughter home after performance is completeThis must be completed before the date of the contest!!!

All students should eat a solid meal:

 > Before morning report time
 > Students are allowed to bring light snacks and water on bus during trip

   8:30 am - Report time - Load busses / / attendance
   9:15 am - Leave MCHS
 10:15 am  - arrive at DGS (change into uniforms)
 11:15 am – Leave for warm-up area
 11:25 am - Warm-up Time
 12:30 pm - Marching Indians Field Show Performance!
  12:50 pm – return to busses / load / change out of uniform / attendance
  1:30 pm -  Leave DGS and travel to Yorktown Center (mall) 
  2:00 pm - Arrive at Yorktown Center Food Court (mall) - eat lunch
  3:15 pm – Report back to busses (Leave Yorktown Center)
  3:30 pm - Arrive at DGS / watch bands
  5:30 pm - Finalists announced  / *leave for home or dress for FINALS
  7:00 pm - Finals competition starts - warmup schedule to be announced at busses
10:30 pm - Finals Award ceremony
10:45 pm - Return to busses / attendance
11:10 pm - Leave DGS
12:00 am - Arrive at MCHS
 *Note: if we do not make Finals, we will return to MCHS by 7:30pm

 Link for more info from the Downers Grove South competition website!
(parking, ticket pricing, competition schedule, location, etc)