Saturday, July 12, 2014

Uniform Fitting Schedule 
During Sectional Week Mon 21st - Thurs 24th
Please arrange to stay after sectional rehearsal (on the day assigned to your last name) to be fitted for uniforms.  Expect fittings to take 30-60 minutes.
Sectional Week Rehearsal Times:
  • Flutes                           9:00am -10:30am
  • Clarinets                      10:00am -11:30am
  • Sax/Mellophones        11:00am -12:30pm
  • Trumpets                     12:00pm -1:30pm
  • Low Brass                    1:00pm - 2:30pm
MondayJuly 21:
  • Flutes: Last Names A-D
  • Clarinets: Last Names A-D
  • Sax/Mellophones: Last Names A-E
  • Trumpets: Last Names A-F
  • Low Brass: Last Names A-D
Tuesday, July 22:
  • Flutes: Last Names E-H
  • Clarinets: Last Names E-L
  • Sax/Mellophones: Last Names F-K
  • Trumpets: Last Names G-J
  • Low Brass: Last Names E-K
Wednesday, July 23:
  • Flutes: Last Names I-N
  • Clarinets: Last Names M-S
  • Sax/Mellophones: Last Names L-R
  • Trumpets: Last Names K-M
  • Low Brass: Last Names L-R
Thursday, July 24:
  • Flutes: Last Names O-Z
  • Clarinets: Last Names T-Z
  • Sax/Mellophones: Last Names S-Z
  • Trumpets: Last Names N-Z
  • Low Brass: Last Names S-Z 
We are also looking for some more volunteers to help with the uniform fittings. If you could help even a couple hours please contact Ann Jordan via the following email or phone numbers:
815-741-9631 (home)
630-215-5960 (cell)