Thursday, October 31, 2013

IMEA District Music I Members Announced!

Congratulations to Erin Matthewson (orchestra-oboe), Valerie Kolb (orchestra - trumpet), Carmella Russell (band-euphonium) and Francesca Raddatz(choir-soprano) for their acceptance into the IMEA District I Music Ensembles!  They were selected through an audition process that included 2400 of the best musicians from the Chicagoland area.

In addition, Congrats to Kayla McComb (alto - voice) and Kelli Anderson (soprano - voice) who were nominated to perform with the IMEA Fr/So Honors Choir!

The festival concert date is November 23rd at Lincoln-Way East High School in Frankfort, Illinois.  The concert begins at 4 pm.  The Fr/So Honors choir concert begins at 3 pm.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween Parade!

Saturday, October 26th!
Report time: 1:00 pm
Busses will leave: 1:20 pm
Parade starts: 2:00 pm

Busses will transport us to the Minooka Elementary School for the start of the parade.  The parade will end at MCHS Central Campus parking lot.  We should be done by 2:40 pm (approx)

Atttire: Black drillmaster shoes, socks, and pants (same as summer outfit) HOWEVER you may wear costumes from the waist up.  Try to wear as much orange/black as possible!
Congratulations to our Marching Indians for their impressive 2nd place finish at the highly competitive Lincoln-Way Marching Band Invitational this past Saturday.  Our guard earned a 2nd place caption awards and our Drumline won 1st place percussion.

The band's final performance of their competition show "Undercover" will occur this weekend at Friday night's football game. On Saturday our band will performing in the Minooka Halloween parade.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Lincoln-Way East HS Competition
Performance site:  East Campus Athletic Field
Field Competition Schedule
October 19, 2013 Saturday

      2:30 pm - Rehearsal at MCHS athletic field ! (attendance required!)
      4:45 pm – Meal break (on your own)
      6:30 pm – Return to band room - change into uniforms/load trailer
      7:15 pm – Leave MCHS
      8:00 pm – Arrive / unload trailer
      8:50 pm– Depart for Warm-up area
      9:00 pm– Warm-up begins
      9:30 pm– Leave for stadium
      9:35 pm– Arrive at stadium
    10:00 pm– stay at stadium uniform to watch other bands 
    10:30 pm - University of Wisconsin/Eau Claire Band performance
    10:45 pm – Awards Ceremony in stadium
    11:00 pm  - Return to parking lot and load busses
    11:15 pm – Leave for MCHS           
    11:45 pm – Arrive at MCHS – change out of uniforms

Sunday, October 13, 2013

3rd in Class 6A !

Congratulations to all!  Earning a 3rd place trophy at U of I is a terrific accomplishment! Our band first competed at U of I in 1993 and this year was the FIRST time our program has place this well!
Also - awesome job to our guard and percussion for their 2nd place finish in caption awards!

Monday, October 7, 2013

We received this important information today regarding parking for tomorrows competition please read especially if you are signing out your student!!
Equipment trailers and band busses from all schools will NOT be parked in the same parking lots as past years.  Instead all school busses/trailers will be parked along Pennsylvania Avenue between Lincoln Ave and 4th Street.  Pennsylvania Ave will closed to all other vehicles (including spectators)

Anyone planning to watch the contest should park WEST of the stadium in LOT 31. Parking lots around Assembly Hall (State Farm Center) will not be available due to other events scheduled in that venue.

Parents planning to pick-up their students after the performance will NOT have the option to drive over to the band busses.  Parents will need to walk over to Pennsylvania Ave (which is on the EAST side of the stadium)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

University of Illinois Field Show Competition
Performance site:  Memorial Stadium
Field Competition Schedule
October 12, 2013 Saturday

     10:30 am - Rehearsal at MCHS practice field (attendance required!)
     12:00 pm - Load busses
     12:30 pm– Leave MCHS
      2:30 pm– Rantoul meal stop
      3:45 pm– Leave Rantoul
      4:15 pm– Arrive / restrooms / stadium to watch bands
      6:00 pm - Change into uniforms / get instruments (no playing)
      6:45 pm– Depart for Warm-up area
      7:05 pm– Warm-up begins
      7:35 pm– Leave for stadium
      7:44 pm– Arrive at stadium (south tunnel)
      8:40 pm - concessions / vendors / watch bands
      9:15 pm- “Marching Illini” performance
     9:45 pm – Awards Ceremony in stadium
   12:45 am – Arrive at MCHS (time approximate)

Additional information available at:

Morris Herald Picture!

Check out this link to see picture our MCHS Colorguard at the Corn Fest Parade!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Another Winning Weekend!

Congratulations to everyone!  A fantastic performance pays off with great results!

1st place in Class 3A
  • 1st place in Visual Effect
  • 1st place in Guard
  • 1st place in Percussion

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Field Show Schedule

Performance site: Benedictine University, Lisle, IL
September Oct. 5th - Saturday

Streaming Live BROADCAST will be available at this website! 

Students should wear their orange band t-shirts to rehearsal as well as at the competition (under uniform).  All students should eat a solid meal BEFORE you arrive for rehearsal!

      9:30 am - Rehearsal at MCHS practice field (attendance required!)
    11:15 am - Lunch (on your own)
    12:30 pm - Load busses
     1:00 pm - Leave MCHS
     2:00 pm - Arrive at Benedictine/change/restrooms
     3:00 pm - Meet guide and depart for warm-up area
     3:15 pm -  Warm-up
     4:30 pm – change uniforms at busses and return to stadium 
     6:15 pm – Awards Ceremony in stadium
     7:00 pm - Leave for MCHS           
     8:00 pm – Arrive at MCHS (time approximate) 

Corn Fest Results!


Our Marching Indians scored "Best HS Band of the Day".  In addition, our band won "Best Winds" and "Best Drumline".  Congrats to everyone on a great performance!