Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Drumline Rehearsal Cancelled

Drumline rehearsal for June 23 has been cancelled due to new carpet installation in the band room this week. The next rehearsal will be July 11th. Please help spread this announcement by calling or texting other drumline members.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Packets and Games

Hey, Band! Hope everyone is having a fantastic summer! Two things worth blogging about:

First, band camp forms are due TOMORROW, June 15th! Turn those in to the band room or main office at Central ASAP! Remind your friends to turn in theirs, as well!

Second... it's Game Time! (It is summer after all, right?) We all know I enjoy shameless bribes, especially if they involve getting you to practice. So here's the game:

Any time between now and July 18th, email me a picture of you playing your instrument and a sentence or two describing what you played. (Scales? Band music? Banana Boat?) In return, you will receive a small but fun music-related prize when I see you during sectionals week! Group pictures are accepted and even encouraged! Get together with friends and play some duets or trios on a rainy day, or head out in the front yard and entertain your neighbors. Particularly entertaining pictures may make it onto the blog, but all pictures are accepted! Pending how many people take part in this game (I'm not sure how many people check the blog during the summer!), we may even have a drawing at the end for an even cooler prize.

So... turn in your packets... then take out your instrument and join the game!