Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Midwest Music Festival Schedule

Below is the Wind Symphony/Wind Ensemble schedule for the Midwest Music Festival on Saturday, Feb. 24th.

7:15 am Call time - change into concert attire
8:00 am Depart MCHS
8:45 am Arrive at Lemont High School
9:25 am Wind Symphony Warm-Up
9:55 am Wind Ensemble Warm-Up
10:00 am Wind Symphony Performance
10:30 am Wind Ensemble Performance
10:30 am Wind Symphony pictures
11:00 am Wind Ensemble pictures
11:30 am Depart Lemont High School
12:15 pm Arrive at MCHS

Family, friends, etc are welcome to attend! The contest is at Lemont High School  (800 Porter St., Lemont). Ticket prices are $4 for students and $7 for adults - this admits you to the full day of performances. If you will be signing your student out at the contest, please fill out the Release Form linked to the left (same one used for marching band season).

Both Wind Symphony and Wind Ensemble will also be having dress rehearsals on the evening Friday, Feb. 23rd.

Wind Symphony - 6:00 - 7:30 pm
Wind Ensemble - 7:45 - 9:15 pm

Please contact Mr. Anderson or Ms. Wych with any questions!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Winter Band Concert

The Winter Band Concert is December 7th at 7:00pm.
Featured ensembles include:
  • Beginning Band
  • Madrigal Brass
  • Percussion I/II
  • Jazz Band I
  • Jazz Band II
Report time for ensemble members is 6:15pm.

Music Department Swag!

Order your MCHS Music Department Shirt and/or Hoodie!
Deadline is December 23rd.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Playoff Game / Halloween Parade

* Playoff FB Game *
Friday, October 27th
Report time: 6:00 pm
Game time: 7:00 pm
Attire: Full Uniform
Wear warm "non-bulky" layers under your uniform as the weather is forecast to be very cool!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

* Halloween Parade *
Saturday, October 28th
Report time: 1:00 pm
Busses will leave: 1:20 pm
Parade starts: 2:00 pm

Busses will transport us to the Minooka Elementary School for the start of the parade.  The parade will end at MCHS Central Campus parking lot.  We should be done by 2:40 pm (approx)

Atttire: Black drillmaster shoes, socks, and pants (same as summer outfit) HOWEVER you may wear costumes from the waist up.  Try to wear as much orange/black as possible!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

U of I Schedule!

Performance site: Memorial Stadium
University of Illinois, Champaign, IL
October 21st, 2017 - Saturday 

Parent Release Link 
Spectator Information Link
Streaming Information Here

Students should wear orange band t-shirt all day.  Bring money for lunch in Rantoul and for concessions at Memorial Stadium.

Schedule for the day!
   8:15 am  - REQUIRED Rehearsal at MCHS 
   9:15 am - Load busses/ attendance
   9:45 am - Leave MCHS
 11:45 am – Arrive Rantoul (lunch- bring money)
  1:00 pm – Leave Rantoul
  1:30 pm - Arrive / Change into Uniforms / Unload Trailer
  2:30 pm - Check-in to Warm-Up table
  2:45 pm - Warm-up (Lot C)
  3:30 pm - Leave Warm-up area
  3:40 pm - Arrive at South Tunnel of Stadium
  3:45 pm - Marching Indians Performance!
  4:00 pm - Band picture outside stadium
  4:15 pm - Return to buses / change / load trailer / return to stadium 
  5:00 pm - Watch bands / concessions / visit vendors under stadium
  8:45 pm - Romeoville HS Performance 
  9:45 pm  - Marching Illini Perform
10:00 pm - Awards ceremony in stadium
10:45 pm - Load busses/attendance
11:00 pm - Leave U of I
 1:00 am - Arrive at MCHS (time approx)

Monday, October 2, 2017

Oct 6th - Football Game!

This Friday, October 6th is our final regular season game! 

EVERYONE Report time: 6:00 pm
  • STUDENTS SHOULD WEAR ALL ORANGE AND BLACK to the game.  You may wear any appropriate type of marching shoe tonight. Drillmasters not required.  If you do wear your Drillmaster, make sure you clean them before tomorrow's competition.
General Football Game Procedures:
  • The band performs for pre-game and halftime.
  • During the game, the band sits together in our own stands behind the north end zone.
  • Band students stay together at all times until after varsity game is completed.
  • Only water is allowed while in uniform (no food or other drinks). Water will be provided after our pre-game and halftime performances by Band Booster parents.
  • After the game is completed, the band moves together back to the band room to change out of uniform. Uniforms should be hung up PROPERLY in uniform bags - this must be checked by a uniform mom before the student leaves.
  • Release time after games varies, however 9:45 -10:15 pm is the norm. Students should exit/be picked up promptly following the game - no loitering around the band area/high school. 

Oct 7th - Romeoville Field Comp info!

Performance site: 
Romeoville HS
100 North Independance Blvd, Romeoville, IL
October 7th - Saturday

Students are required to wear their orange band t-shirts for the day.

Parent Release Permission Form - to take your son/daughter home after performanceThis must be completed before the date of the contest!!!

All students should eat a solid meal:

  > BEFORE your 10:00 am rehearsal time
  > AND BEFORE your 1:00 pm report time.
 > Students are allowed to bring light snacks and water on bus 

10:00 am - Rehearsal
12:00 pm - Meal/Snack break (on your own)

 1:00 pm - Report time - Load trailer/Load busses/Attendance
 1:30 pm – Leave MCHS
 2:15 pm - Arrive at performance site / bathroom opportunity
 2:45 pm - Begin changing into uniform/get instrument ready
 3:30 pm - Leave for Warm-up area
 3:40 pm - Warm-up
4:30 pm  Marching Indians Field Show Performance!
 4:45 pm - Clinic session in RHS Field House (winds/guard)
 4:45 pm - MPC adjudication/clinic (percussion)
 5:00 pm - Return to Busses/Change Uniforms/Concessions
 5:40 pm – Awards Ceremony in stadium 
 6:00 pm - Return to Busses / Attendance
 6:15 pm - Leave for MCHS
 7:00 pm – Arrive at MCHS (time approximate)
Competition starts at 12:45 pm.  There are 13 competing bands in 3 classes. There are 7 bands in Class 3A. (including MCHS)
Admission is $10.00 for adults and $5 for students and (65 yrs or older) seniors; children 3 and under are free.